About Us

About Us


We’re the Woodhouse family and back in 2013 we decided to pick up a camera and start vlogging our daily lives. We vlogged daily and have done almost 1000 daily vlogs which we post to YouTube.

The family consists of Luke, Fiona and our three boys Travis (7), Roman (4) and Ace (3 months). Plus a few pets…

We are a genuine, down to earth family who wanted to capture our boys growing up to show them when they were older. A modern day photo album I suppose. We have been lucky enough to work with several brands and company’s and appeared in newspapers, online articles and even TV.

Having done a few blogs in the past and with people asking if we had a website we thought we’d give it a shot and post a new family relevant blog post every week and have a place to dump some of our favourite videos and family moments.

Follow us on our journey and please check out all our social pages.

If there’s anything we want you to take away from our page, it’s to maybe think about picking up a camera and filming your little precious ones. Wether that’s to post online or keep private it is truly amazing to watch back on some of our old footage.

Feel free to contact us for a chat or anything business related as we love to make new friends!!!

Peace x

Luke (Daddy)

Fiona (Mummy) & Baby Ace 



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