1000 Daily Vlogs

1000 Daily Vlogs

We are soon approaching our 1000th vlog. What does that mean?? Well we have filmed our daily lives almost 1000 times. We have captured more footage than 99.9% of people in this world and we are so happy we started vlogging all them years ago.  www.youtube.com/thewoodhouselife

It started off as a way of creating a modern day photo album, something we could look back on. We aimed to do 100 days and show Travis and Roman what they were like and what they got upto in that 100 days. We hit Day 100 and thought, well lets carry on.

We decided at a few points to not film everyday as the days were so similar and probably boring for the boys to look back on. The more we posted the more we realised other family’s do what we do. We followed these families and eventually met up with some of them at various events and meet ups. It’s a very bizarre thing meeting people you watch on your phone everyday!

We had no clue that through doing this we would get opportunitys from company’s and brands. That was an amazing bonus. We’ve been sent toys asked to do videos for events and we are truly greatful for everything that has come from it.

We still stand by our original statement that we did this for the boys not the world, but meeting people who are in the world of vlogging has meant we have met friends for life. We also can’t complain that a bit of money comes our way for our work.

We’ve worked out, that the boys would have to sit there for 21 days, 24 hours a day to watch all the edited footage we have of them which I think is amazing. I’m sure they will love it and might be embarrassed at times but who else can say they have footage of almost everyday as they grew up. Capturing first words, first steps, birthdays, Christmas, Aces’ birth etc etc 

Vlogging everyday becomes a way of life and many days we have the time to vlog just struggle for time to edit so it’s not always possible to upload everyday. We no longer put pressure on ourselves to get them videos up but we still put them on our laptop for storage.

When we started over three years ago, there weren’t many family’s picking up their phones or cameras to film and posting onto YouTube. The likes of Instagram stories has enabled more people to start posting video and it’s more popular than ever. I like to think we were still one of the handful of original family vloggers in the UK and we have not had the major success as others which is a bit shit but we could’nt be prouder of our footage and what we have captured. 

We aren’t the biggest influencers in the world of video BUT we are the biggest influencers in our boys lives and that will do us!!



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