Baby’s and Break ups

Baby’s and Break ups

Having Ace come into this world was obviously an amazing experience. Three weeks in and we couldn’t have been happier, but one day it all changed.

Day 22 we noticed a change and we were suspicious that he had silent reflux. The days kept passing by and the enjoyment turned to displeasure. The days became very long, the days consisted of Fiona and I arguing. A battle between ourselves and the doctors in order to get Ace the correct diagnosis and the correct treatment. We were all very unhappy.

Day 86 and not much has changed. The arguments are daily, we have come to breaking point on several occasions during the last couple of months. I remain sleeping on the sofa, Fiona remains been upset daily. This is no fun!!

Ace is now on a combination of drugs all of which should be helping, but yet to see much improvement. Ace looks healthy and we obviously post pictures and videos in them rare moments of calm and quiet!! Ace literally crys from waking up until bed time and the doctors give you the same answers every time ” it won’t last forever”,  “it’s one of them things.” Well Mr Doctor, you absolute prick, you don’t have to hear his crys and walk around with him doing ten miles a day in circles around your living room!!!!!

This has literally been the worst experience of my life so far, pushing us to the point of telling each other “you no where the door is!!” Fiona describes it as “been robbed of our nice baby” and I see exactly what she means. This is our last baby and we won’t be doing this again.

This was not what we expected when we had our third baby, he’s been the most challenging by far out of our three boys and I’ll make sure I remind him of that! 

What will come of the next six months, I’m not sure. I hope to be writing another post in less than six months saying there’s been a miraculous recovery! 

Any words of wisdom??

I’ve read more inspirational quotes in this last sixty days than I have in my whole life!!
Now I best have a wash before he wakes up!!



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  • Breaks my heart to read this my boy suffered from colic and that was bad enough stay strong you two your a wonderful couple who have a beautiful family stay strong and hang on in tgere sending you all my love x

  • Oh my darlings! I’m so sorry to hear that things are reaching breaking point. I wish I could do something to help. Is there anyone who could take the boys for an evening so you and Fiona can have a break? If possible, you both need to have some time for each other.

    I know we didn’t have it half as bad as you with the wind but it did pass (oh sorry no pun intended!) eventually. But in the meantime, I’m sending you all the hugs in the world xxx

  • Exactly the same happened with me with my first – thats why there is a 4 year gap to the second. You really cant explain to amyone just how awful it feels. You.think you are a failure, you can’t enjoy your child because all he does is scream.y.son screamed from 10am until 4am and I cried all day, every day, as I carted him round reluctantly and prayed he’d shut the fuck up. Truth Is, you aren’t a bad parent and you aren’t a failure. Your child just has bellyache and no way to manage it. The doctors are right and it will pass – very soon. Bear with it because you’ll notice a huge difference in 2-3 weeks. Your baby will always cry more than the others because it’s what he’s learned to do, but by around 13 weeks his gut will have matured and he’ll be a different chap. Then you get to enjoy him. And when he’s 14, and you open his curtains and wake him – you’ll remember this time and smile. My son is almost 24 now, he had no medicines back then and I was told “some people dont believe colic exists” by my Health Visitor – she gave me no help. I’m glad I had 4 more babies, just to prove they weren’t all like that.
    Try and lie him on his back and massage his belly in a clockwise motion – some babies love it and some hate it. If He likes It, you may get a tired arm, but he’ll be a lot calmer and quieter. Don’t give up – you’ve done nothing wrong, and you have nearly made it through x

    • Thanks Jenny..will keep on keeping on!!! It’s not easy and the doctors have got to be more supportive with parents. Only people that have been in this position like yourself can truly understand the grief it causes!! The teens will certainly be a more interesting time I’m sure haha thanks for your support x

  • Hey buddy I am so sorry that you are both you going through this ordeal with little ave. Our prayers are with you. We certainly can understand your frustration with the doctors as we have gone through that in the past with Ella while I know it’s a mute point and I’m sure hearing things will get better trust us my friend it will I wish you nothing but the best we are always here if you need to chat

    • Cheers champ!! Everyone rides that rollercoaster we’re just riding it out best we can! I’m sure we will come out the other side!! Appreciate your support mate x

  • I’m sorry you are going through this! Have you tried going to see an Osteopath? I know this might sound strange but my friend had an incredibly unhappy child and was told it was this and that and to try numerous drugs! It is based on the principle that the wellbeing of an individual depends on their bones, muscles, ligaments and connective tissue functioning smoothly together. It might be something as simple as the child’s in constant pain and just needs realigning to reduce the pressure. Hope whatever happens you get past this and get to enjoy your time properly as a family. X

  • I’m sorry Luke. It’s so hard when they cry all the time. Have you guys tried cutting dairy? Lots of kids who do this have dairy allergies, especially boys.

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