Baby’s first photos 

Baby’s first photos 

Lots of parents want to be able to take their child to a photographers at some point in the first few weeks of their baby’s life. It can be a difficult decision as to how you go about this process.
First thing first for us was to work out the cost. Secondly who was going to take the shots and thirdly what shots you want to come away with.

How much do you want to pay?- so it can run into hundreds of pounds when you want the perfect baby photo shoot. We don’t have the disposable income to be able to pay out mega bucks. Shopping around was key.

Choosing a photographer- we relied upon word of mouth and best quality for our money. We don’t have the equipment or  a family member/ friend that has any expertise in photography. It was important for us to not only have good quality pictures but also have a proffesional who has done this hundreds of times before (they know all the tricks) 

Having an idea of what pictures you want- at the end of the day these pictures will probably grace your walls for the next six decades or more, so they need to be what you want. We wanted the traditional cute pics. Nothing to quirky just very natural and bare. Just a few cute additions such as a few hats and a teddy or two.

I believe that the picture taking isn’t just a means to an end. It’s an experience like no other. Your creating a moment in time that will literally look at several times a day everyday for the rest of your life. You must be comfortable with whoever your working alongside to create these images and be happy with the final product. 
It doesn’t have to cost the earth and the best images don’t have to be edited within an inch of perfection, however the child you have is perfection in your eyes, so you will find this images more and more important as your little baby grows up. It doesnt matter how big that child becomes, how challenging they may be as they grow up, you will always have that little reminder of the innocence and purity of what life is all about.

Special thanks to Morecambe Photographic for our awesome pictures of Ace.

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  • These photos are beautiful! I especially love the ones of him cuddling his bunny! We didn’t do any newborn photoshoots of our two. A part of me is regretting it but I think we were going to have a family photoshoot…. still waiting on that one!

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