Being A Dad In The 21st Century

Being A Dad In The 21st Century

Written by Luke
I’m a very ‘hands on’ Dad, I literally have done everything with my lovely wife since day one (apart from breast feeding) This is certainly not the case it seems for some men…Why is this? Well let the rant begin..

When Fiona and I decided to have a child five years ago, I had a good idea of what was involved to be a Dad. I was lucky enough to have a great role model to learn from…My Dad, Brian!!

Brian was hard working, would always do without to give us everything he could. The one down side of this being he was ALWAYS at work!!! This is something I wanted to try and change when I became a Dad. As much as I appreciated having nice food a PlayStation etc having quality time with your Dad would always outweigh this. I probably didn’t think this at the time but now as I look back this is something I missed!

So the role of  ‘Dad’ socially has certainly changed over the years, it has certainly changed for the better in my opinion. We no longer accept that ‘Man must go work, Woman stays at home looks after child and cleans house..’ People look at the likes of Mr Beckham as a change in the way Dads are perceived however is this reality? They have support networks in place (not family) for their children, most don’t.



There’s still a massive change in mind set that needs to happen…If  you were to go to any ‘sing a long’ baby class 98% of parents there are female! You go the doctors and almost always the child is with the Mum, when the doctor or midwife talks to you both as parents they tend to look at Mum. Why is this?

I don’t think there is such a thing of being a ‘Good Dad’, you don’t hear many people saying “she’s a good Mum” it is for some reason just expected that they are, this should go for Dads too.
Throwing money at your child, wife , partner doesn’t make it right that you can be seen as ‘providing’ and therefore being a ‘Good Dad’ spend time with your kid, help guide them through life, share experiences together!

Men that think it’s OK to avoid nappy changes, avoid getting up in the night and avoid working as hard as they can to be a better Dad don’t deserve such an important role and gift as a child.
Men have always had the ability to help look after their child from day one, only this year have men in the UK been given the opportunity to share maternity leave with their wife, take this opportunity with both poo, wee and sick covered hands!! I would, given the chance again!!

“Every smile is worth more than all the money in the world, you created a life… the most priceless gift” – Me haha

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