Blog On Xmas 2017

Blog On Xmas 2017

It’s the weekend after Blog On Xmas 2017 and what a great time I had. The event didn’t fail once again. It started with a mammoth party at ‘hotel football’ on the Saturday night. The free bar went down a treat and by 23:00 I was well into the beer pong and talking to everyone I could get hold off. You can tell how good an event it is going to be by the people at the party. Everyone was very approachable and the night ended at 1am. Pissed!!!

I was up six hours later, a slight hangover and straight to ‘hotel football’ for the conference. I went straight to the top floor and helped out by building Christmas trees…yes that’s right I was putting together Christmas trees in a hungover state in the middle of September. Spirits were high and I was happy to see a few more hungover faces.

The event went very smoothly and it was great to see some more Daddy bloggers at this conference. The event had twenty men which was a new record. Smiles we’re all over peoples faces. The sessions I attended were all brilliant. Not only are you hanging around with people that get what you do, but you are also learning. I’ve never been to an event where I’ve come away with more knowledge than I came with.

The brands and company’s there were also amazing. All very helpful and the opportunities were brilliant. I’ve had work through some of these company’s since last May at Blog On MSI. 

5 reasons why Blog On Xmas 2017 was incredible..

  • The numbers attending are perfect
  •  The brands are awesome
  • Lots of my blogging friends attend
  • The organiser Laura is amazing
  • Laura’s hot Mum was there!!

I have no intention of going to any other blogging event this year so that should tell you how much I love it.

Pleasure seeing you all and see you next time!!! Vlog of the day to come!!


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  • It was a great day! I found the layout with multiple levels confusing. I think it was possibly due to the fact that the lifts didn’t work and there was more than one set of stairs! It was great to see you and to be fair, you didn’t look too hungover when I found you! Next year I’m going to have to go to the launch party

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