Blogging vs Vlogging

Blogging vs Vlogging

As you may or may not be aware, my family have filmed our daily lives for over three years over at  and it’s only in the last month I decided to start writing blogs…

I was under the impression that less people blogged and the most popular thing to do was to vlog. I thought bloggers were a thing of the past and the new influencers were making videos. Turns out I’m wrong. Blogging has never been so popular and current.

I used to tell people that creating videos was easy as you didn’t have to think of punctuation and grammar. You just point a camera in your general direction, push record, quick edit and upload. It’s actually a hell of a lot easier to type a few words, add a couple of pictures and click publish.

Blogging for me is more cathartic than Vlogging, it’s less effort and people still want to read!! Personally, I think I’ve only ever read about ten blogs and only read two adult books (I don’t mean the dirty adult books) in my lifetime. I must be the odd one out, as people are crazy about reading. I may get lucky and have more than two people read this.

It’s taken an incredible amount of effort to post vlogs on YouTube. Fiona has spent many an hour on editing and the amount of times the video has failed to upload or process is in the hundreds!!! Even after three years of engaging vlogs we still struggle to get over 150 views for a normal daily vlog which is rubbish.

I honestly believe if we had posted a blog on a daily basis for three years it would have saved us time and we would be in a more influential position in the world of parenting. This wasn’t our original plan but we are all influencers. We have followers that engage and spend their precious time reading and watching people like myself talk/ type absolute shit but it gets us through rubbish days and makes people realise that we have each others back. We all go through happy, difficult, upsetting, liberating times. I’ve met some of my best friends through doing all of this.

Blog or Vlog, to be honest it doesn’t matter. It serves a purpose it brings me joy and pleasure as well as a chance to get things off my chest. I’m sure we have all looked back on a Facebook pic or an old video and it’s triggered some sort of emotion. We all live off emotions good and bad. I would highly recommend picking up a camera and typing some shit if you get the chance. I regret nothing about putting ourselves out there to the masses. 

Have you ever thought about doing a blog or starting a YouTube Channel???

Need any help getting started??

DO IT!!!!!

Get your Blog/ Vlog on!!!


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