Can a baby break up the strongest relationship???

Can a baby break up the strongest relationship???

If you read no further, the answer is YES in my opinion I think it can easily happen. It doesn’t matter how strong your relationship with your partner may be, a child can certainly make you grow apart. I touched on this subject in an earlier blog post Baby’s and Break Ups and it’s a daily struggle even now. The days seem so long and tension is extremely high!

If your baby/ child has a fairly standard start to life with zero health issues and the occasional sleepless night its the most rewarding thing you will ever do. If your little one is unfortunate enough to have anything other than ‘normal’ baby issues you are in for a ride. A horrible ride and the biggest test your relationship will ever have.

Our little boy Ace is now 18 weeks old and it’s been 15 weeks of hell. He’s had a bad case of silent reflux which we now think we have under control (with the help of meds) Ace has severe allergies to dairy and other things and to top it off has suspected Intussusception.

Fiona has shown me the door on a few occasions and I’ve almost found the door myself with no prompting what so ever. At the time of ultimate rage you feel like walking a very long, long way away and coming back when things are better. I certainly would never do that but that thought crosses my mind on a daily.

After four months Ace finally went into his pram and we went for a walk. This was a massive thing for us. It now enables Fiona to not have to carry Ace around all day and we can go into town without needing the wrap!! I was certainly lacking a ‘job’ to do over the last few months. Been able to go for a long walk in the pram has never been so exciting!! When we argue I can now leave the house just like Fiona wants (sometimes) I can grab the pram, bang Ace in there and clear my head for an hour. Perfect fix!

When you have a baby, it almost always won’t make your relationship stronger. Quite the opposite. It’s there to test your relationship. Even after our first two boys the third came and pushed us beyond what we have ever felt. Never feel like your relationship is untouchable it can be broken faster than it was created.

We can see the light, a very small light at the end of the tunnel and I’m hoping we’re all stood together when we come out. We will try our best, give it 100% but never again will I make a comment about couples breaking up after a baby, as it’s more possible than I ever could have imagined six months ago!

Love you wife, don’t leave me!!! Haha (no joke) 😉

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