This evening my lovely wife Fiona decided to film me whilst I was in the bath with Ace. It got me thinking, I need a new feature and what better feature than to base it around bath time. My favourite part of the day!!

When I’m not at work I like nothing more than stripping right off and jumping in the bath. I don’t usually have the privilege of a nice relaxing bath on my own, but that’s ok I’m used to it.

I used to get in the bath with my Dad, sister and brother and I know there’s people against bathing with your kids/ siblings. They are what you call….. TWATS. There is absolutely nothing wrong with bathing with your kids. The age to which you bath with your kids is a judgement on your side but it’s really down to you guys as a family.

I’m almost naked every time I go to the local swimming pool. Just a tiny piece of fabric covering my huge manhood (it’s definitely below average…especially when soft) so if I’m willing to do that with strangers I’m certainly not bothered about being naked around my kids. I think it’s incredibly important to teach your kids that it’s cool to be naked around people you trust and at the same time, teach them that other people may have a different viewpoint, so always respect that. The second the boys say to me they want privacy or whatever I certainly won’t be insisting they have a bath with me.

Only tonight (after being filmed) I realised that it’s one time of the day that I feel most relaxed and the whole world stops. My only focus is with my boys. I find out about their day, I get to sing stupid songs, have a giggle and laugh about Willy’s! What more does anyone want.

The first few minutes of all three of my boys lives they went onto my chest. The bond will never be broken. I get flashbacks to that day every time I hold my boys. I’ve told the boys we are recreating some of our bath time snaps when their older and they flipping will do it!! I’ll get a contract signed!!

The ‘Daddy in the Bath’ feature will run weekly and I want to share our funny moments and I hope some of you guys will also. Wether that’s a poo in the bath story or a time that you’ve had to escape for a bath on your own to escape the madness. I personally have shed tears of joy and misery in our large white plastic water holder many a time. I want to open peoples minds and hope that we can move away from the negative connotations that bathing with your kids can have. I’m always up for a laugh!!

Happy bath times and let me know your thoughts!!!


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