Fathers Day || Back to Basics || Royal Mail ||

Fathers Day || Back to Basics || Royal Mail ||

We all struggle around Fathers Day wondering what the heck we can get our Dads!! Men in general can be notoriously hard to buy for, so I do wonder sometimes why we over complicate the situation. (Us men are simple beings after all)

Looking back at photos of my Dad and I, there was one important thing I noticed, that’s the lack of photos and personal gifts!! We take for granted the ease of taking photos and been able to print in seconds. We don’t have to wait for the films to be developed. We can take one hundred photos today and have them printed in an album by tomorrow morning. I probably have about 50 photos of my Dad from over my whole life. This makes me a bit sad really. My three boys have over 10,000 photos and over 1000 daily videos to look back on!!

This is why the photos I do have with my Dad, are even more important. I wanted to make something for my Dad this year. I could have bought the old classic slippers and socks or scanned in every photograph and headed to a website that would create it for me. However, I’ve decided to print off some old pictures and new ones and create a collage on a card. Using actual glue and scissors.

Check out my creation…

Fathers Day was never made into a big deal when I was younger. My Dad would be working 80 hours a week. Doing endless amounts of overtime. I remember my Mum throwing me a card to sign half an hour before my Dad came in the door from work. It’s certainly different for me. My wife and boys buy me lots of lovely things but the thing that means the most to me are the homemade cards. They will be the things I treasure and keep. Not the aftershave or socks but the rubbish handmade drawings, the bits of cut out paper with half my head missing!!

Im certainly guilty of forgetting many a Fathers Day and it’s only since having children myself that I have made an extra effort. My Dad is my hero and idol and in the craziness of daily life, I sometimes forget how important he is to me!!

Check out some of the research done by Royal Mail, about what Dads want from Father Day;

Simple pleasures such as a meal out with the family, hugs from their children and receiving a Father’s Day card are the top three ways to make the perfect Father’s Day, according to new research from Royal Mail. But, despite these findings, its survey of 2,000 UK dads found that they were most likely to receive generic gifts such as beer (32 per cent), socks (29 per cent) and aftershave (24 per cent) this Father’s Day. And, if previous experience is anything to go by, around one in four (23 per cent) can expect a “World’s Greatest Dad” mug for the shelves this June 17!

  • Eighty per cent of British dads say they receive a card or a present, or both, every year.
  • When fathers are unable to be with their children in person on the day, a Father’s Day card was the most valued way for children to show their love for their dads – selected by 28 per cent of respondents. This is followed by a video call (22 per cent) and a phone call (20 per cent).
  • Those who preferred a card did so because it was more personal and because they could keep it. In fact, seven out of ten dads have kept some or all of the Father’s Day cards they have received from their children.
  • When asked what would make them happiest in general, four in 10 fathers selected receiving a Father’s Day card or handmade Father’s Day present, and 34 per cent opted for quality time with their children.
  • In fact, UK dads said these things would make them happier than their favourite sports team winning the league (22 per cent), getting a new car (23 per cent) or getting a promotion at work (14 per cent).
    Let’s take it back to basics this Fathers Day and send a homemade card.

The Royal Mails last posting date for Father Day is Friday 15th June. 1st Class Stamps

Happy Fathers Day all you amazing Dads out there!!

Luke ( Son of Brain, Dad of three monsters)

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