F#%K the hard work let’s all open presents. Your NOT an influencer!

F#%K the hard work let’s all open presents. Your NOT an influencer!

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how certain parent bloggers and vloggers seem to get their lucky break and why the individuals that grind like fuck don’t seem to catch that break.

When we started vlogging four years ago, there were a handful of UK family vloggers. There’s now hundreds and many have taken over our numbers in terms of views, interaction, subscribers etc. Maybe we bore people to tears with our daily vlogs but we will always be real and genuine. We could just open surprise eggs all day and buy our kids hundreds of gifts to open or Fiona could do a sit down to the camera about all the shit that her family has been through over the years but that’s NOT us.

We clearly haven’t kept up with the bullshit that is now vlogging. In terms of blogging I’m fairly new to it all but it seems to follow a similar pattern. I’ve read outstanding blogs and watched these individuals not increase their following at all. Then I read the biggest #ad filled bullshit and they seem to grow by hundreds a week!!

What is this world coming too. I don’t like been referred to as an influencer but I sure will take that name, as I hope to God none of my kids find these rubbish people influential.

As long as the Kardashians are popular and surprise egg openings continue to be narrated over, the real people are fucked.

What do people think? If you can’t beat them, should we join them??


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