Florida 2018

Florida 2018

It’s cold, wet and I’m thinking about when we next go to Florida. Fiona has been to Florida over a dozen times in her life and Ive been four times and in 2012 we got married there!! Florida therefore has a very special place in our hearts. Fiona would go as a youngster with her family and back in 2010 I ventured over the pond,for my first holiday in Florida.

On the first trip we had no kids, Fiona wasn’t pregnant and it was all new to me. I could see the appeal of Florida and had a fantastic time. I did also think to myself wouldn’t it be great to bring our kids here in the future. It’s truly magical. Something I certainly felt like I missed out on.

The second time round Fiona was pregnant with Travis we were super excited to bring him next time round. We had discussed on our second holiday to Florida about potentially getting married next time we came and that’s exactly what we did. Some of our family and friends came over and we got married on Halloween!!! It was truly amazing and I would definitely recommend it. ( I will do a future post on our wedding and getting married abroad).

Last year we took both Travis and Roman. Don’t get me wrong the flight was difficult and long but the boys coped well and much better than Fiona ( the smell of the inflight food makes her sick). Once again we had an amazing time and the boys were on count down until the next time we go.

We filmed the whole holiday everyday if your interested. CLICK HERE

Looking forward we hope to be going in October 2018. This time with Ace also. Three boys under eight will certainly be a challenge but there is so much to do. We are planning on not telling the boys until we wake them up on the morning which we are going.

One thing that gets me is when people think it will cost £10,000 for a family of 5 to go to Florida. Yes, that would be the case if you got a direct flight, in summer holidays and we’re staying at Disney BUT we do it everytime for under £4000 that’s for 2 weeks, flights, hotel, park tickets and spends. We stay on International drive and commute from there it’s really easy and much cheaper.

Feel free to email us or send us a DM if you have any questions. Fiona is a whizz at getting cheap breaks so hit her up!!

Look forward to your next holiday wherever that may be!!!


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  • Ah lovely that you got married out there. We probably crossed paths – well ish. We went on honeymoon to Florida in 2012 – came home on October 2nd if I remember correctly.

    I’m going to let you sort out our holidays in future!! That’s amazing you can all go for that price!

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