Having Pets Can Help Your Kids.

Having Pets Can Help Your Kids.

Back in 1997 I asked my Mum for a dog (I was ten) she straight up said “No!!” My Dad doesn’t like animals, so wasn’t even worth asking him. I tryed and tryed. Tears upon tears later and still neither of them would budge on their decision. The closest I got, was one Christmas when my horrible Mum haha put a teddy dog in a box with holes in under the Christmas tree (I thought it was the real deal).

All my friends at the time, had either a Dog or a Cat and I would be buzzing to go round to their house to play with the animals. Animals certainly chilled me out and I noticed at a young age that I was missing out.

When I met Fiona, we both had a love for animals and we decided to get a cat. The little kitten we got had a brother, whom hadn’t found a home so we ended up with two!! We called them Bear and Seymour. We had our first bit of responsibility. 

The cats were shortly followed  by a puppy called Roxy. It was at this point we got preganant and Travis arrived. We had two cats, a dog and a new baby. Travis was in love with Roxy and the Cats. The animals warmed to Travis and six months later we decided to get another Dog, Ruby. Mental I know!!

I saw in Travis what I missed out on. Been surrounded by animals. He would be caring, loving and affectionate around them from a very young age. He would help  feed them and always wanted to go out walking the dogs. His first important friendship bond wasn’t with another kid but his pets. We would often ask Travis who his best friend was ” my animals” he would reply.

Travis would talk to the animals, they didn’t need to answer back, been close to them was enough. I personally don’t think there’s a bond like it. Yes, animals are very time consuming and picking up poo isn’t my idea of fun, but the pros certainly outweigh the cons. At least the poo picking up isn’t as gross as baby’s nappies…

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