How fast does a school day go?

How fast does a school day go?

It’s 14:35 and in ten minutes I need to set off to pick the boys up from school. How has that happened?

I remember school very well and the six hours definitely felt like ten hours. As a kid your working away looking forward to them break times. As a parent the six hours seem like six minutes.

I’ve had a week off work this week and can now say, I realise how quickly the school time goes. I often get home, grab some breakfast, do a job followed by lunch, another job then it’s school pick up time. So I’ve only done two things more often than not each day. Throw in a baby that has shit 30 minute naps. If Ace is asleep I can’t do any jobs that involve making any noise (which is everything) the house soon turns into a shit hole.

In order to make me realise the time I’ve started to set an alarm on my phone on the hour every hour. This way, I don’t lose track of time and have an idea of what I need to be doing next.

Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about this speeding up of time but I will certainly start to appreciate every single minute I have to myself!

Well I best get my shoes on and go stand in that playground.


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