How kids destroy you physically..

How kids destroy you physically..

I’ve written a few posts on how kids can have a negative affect on your mental health but what about the physical implications of having kids.

I’m sure your all aware of the physical scars and absolute exhaustion a woman must endure at birth but I would like to focus on post birth issues for ALL parents.

A major factor contributing to most of our physical health issues, comes from LACK OF SLEEP. Sleep means everything to me and is something you well and truly take for granted before kids. No sleep leads to things such as; looking like shit, having zero energy to do physical exercise and having no time to prepare healthy meals.

Since having kids, I’ve put on three stone, lost my hair and can’t remember the last day I said ” I need to go for a run, as I’ve got so much energy!!!”

Physically many of us are pushed to our limits during them first few days, weeks and even years. I’ve learnt ways to survive but I will never get used to it. Some days I wish I could go back to them glory days of sleeping in until lunch, heading to the gym, eating a healthy tea and then watching nice movie with no disturbances. I do miss them days, I really do. I felt strong, emotionally balanced and fresh.

I tend to only look back and reflect on this when images pop up on my Facebook feed of before I had kids. I look back on them pictures not with a jealous anger but with a smile. I’m not that guy anymore. He’s long gone, but what I am is an overweight bald man that has responsibilities, the unconditional love of three beautiful boys and a lovely wife. Without the physical sacrifice I’m not what I am now.

Physically, parenting will challenge the strongest of people. It’s NOT easy and you will never be the person you once was. Embrace the change and things become easier and don’t be scared of looking back with fond memories. It was a different chapter. That extra fat and wrinkles are what make you, that’s the person your kids will always love.


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