How many arguments per day?

How many arguments per day?

Im aiming this at ALL couples. Many of you I’m sure, will be asking yourself well what exactly is classed an argument. To clarify, I don’t mean a disagreement on which tea bags to buy (this may lead to a full blown argument in some houses..Fiona hates tea so not an issue in our house) but more of a time when you want to rip out your other halves heart and not speak to them for a considerable amount of time.

I would say on average we have two arguments a day. These aren’t always face to face, sometimes over a Facebook message but they are almost always my fault. The arguments usually revolve around money, the kids, general untidiness of the house or what the other person hasn’t done when they said they had,

Arguments weren’t always a daily part of our life, but the stress we have endured like many others with a new baby and multiple kids, it’s kind of inevitable. Having these arguments I believe are a good thing. We all MUST vent and what better way than to let off some steam at the person who isn’t going to run off straight away, or tell you they never want to see you again. (which has happened) but you get the point.

What would have been allowed to pass over both our heads on occasions in the passed, is multiplied by ten and we both can lose the ability to reason. These occasions can put you into a bad mood and can become emotionally overwhelming at times but one thing we try to never do is go to bed having not sorted the issue.

Get that argument resolved and move forward, don’t look for an argument but don’t be stupid enough to think that you can both be perfect.

What do you argue about with your partner?? How often do you argue??

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Luke (agony aunt)

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