I think I can see the light..

I think I can see the light..

After what has been the worst nine months of my life, I feel like I can now see the light.

Ace and his health issues have consumed our lives for what seems like years now. His allergies/ silent reflux have meant that Fiona has had a VERY strict non-dairy diet, which has obviously caused numerous moments of rage. I’ve been sleeping on the sofa for over 200 days and our marriage has been on the verge of ending!!!

As I type, he’s in his cot crying, as he’s now teething however the end is near. All babies cry and whinge when they are teething and this would often be enough to stress parents out to the point of breaking. We on the other hand can handle this now. His crying has become as normal as changing a stinking nappy. We are actually not phased by his crying now. This sounds awful but we’ve had to put ourselves into that state of mind, as to not lose the plot completely!!

Would we do this all again? Would we hell!! Hopefully we can get our lives back now and get some blogging done!! We’ve started vlogging on a more regular basis over on our YouTube CHANNEL so please head over there and watch how we are getting on. People forget we have two other boys haha

Hope you are all well!


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