Im writing Children’s Stories

Im writing Children’s Stories

This isn’t something that many people know, but since having Travis and sitting down for hours on end reading stories, I always fancied writing a children’s story or two.

When all our books had been read at home I would often make up stories for the boys. They seemed captivated and I was able to gauge what made them laugh, kept their interest and leave them wanting more the next night. Story time in our house is majorly important and something I feel helps bring your kids down from the ceiling and bring back that connection.

It’s also a hard thing to keep a three year old engaged at the same time as a seven year old. The one thing I did notice kept them focused was keeping the stories short and dropping in a bit of toilet humour.

I’ve currently written three short stories and they are in the process of being illustrated. I’m hoping the illustration really brings the story to life. I’ve obviously tested the stories on the boys and so far they love them. They are very short stories from the viewpoint of household items/things in your house, such as the toilet, the bath and the naughty step.

I’ll be self publishing these books and having around 100 books printed and they will be available to download onto your phone and tablet.

This isn’t a money making scheme but something I’m passionate about. I would love to do this more often and I hope they will be popular so I can continue to publish more.

Do you have an interest in writing stories? Would love some help and advice from people that have gone through this process!

Happy reading and will keep you all updated!!


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