Imagine never having to work again..

Imagine never having to work again..

How many of you have sat down either on your own or with your partner and thought, what would it be like to never have to work again…I certainly have, over a million times.

I know for a fact, some people couldn’t cope without work but I honestly think I could do NOTHING. I mean, I would still do things that I class as hobbies such as gym, filming family trips etc but I wouldn’t work for anyone and I certainly don’t have any crazy business plans, to set up my own business if I didn’t need too.

By far and away, the most important thing to me is family. The daily grind is hard for us all. Anxiety about what is going on at home and worrying that your kids will forget your face after not seeing you for two days!

I’m lucky enough to do a job which I enjoy but imagine waking up and not having to think about that side of your life. How much of your brain would be freed up??

I feel like i give my family 75% of me, it would be lovely to get hold of that other 25%. I work 50 hours a week, which probably isn’t anything compared to some people but it’s certainly enough of my waking week.

Watching my kids grow up is important to me and all them hours add up. I have a brilliant support network and Fiona is incredible at home but it doesn’t always fix that feeling I have inside of me.

MONEY is the big one. If we had plenty of the stuff it would make decision making so much easier. I’m 100% in the camp that lots of money could bring me happiness. Not necessarily for the material things in life but mainly due to the freedom it would give me with my family.

Could you not work? Do you need Work to break from the family routine??

Let me know your thoughts…


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