Instagram shake up

Instagram shake up

So we’ve decided to have a bit of change over on our Instagram page. The amount of #ad Insta images are starting to sicken me. I’ve been guilty of it in the past, but not every single image.

This is of course a livelihood for some bloggers and vloggers. I understand they need to make money but I want to see some normal pictures without a product drop in EVERY image.

So we’re going to try and not aim for the 30 shit likes we get on most of our images ,with one million hashtags. Instead, we are going to try and turn our Insta Page into something a bit different.

Let’s say we go for a day out, instead of putting up the twenty images we captured were going to choose one. Then we will use an app such as ‘pic splitter’ and turn that one image into six separate images. Changing the filters on each separate image also. I think the finished product looks cool and different to what a lot of other people are doing currently.


Were not going to chase the followers this year, were going to concentrate on what we do well and that’s going out, having fun and recording our adventures. Our Instagram page is going to turn into catchphrase…

What do you think?


Luke and Family

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