Is there still a place for a family blog?

Is there still a place for a family blog?

Most parenting blogs fall into two specific camps, Mum blogger or Dad blogger. I write most of the blogs on our page but the videos, editing, general sharing on social media is done by Fiona. I try to look at Parenting as a whole not from Mum or Dads point of view. The problem with this is people don’t tend to recognise you as an individual and your blog can become overlooked.

Vlogging on the other hand is very much a family affair. The audience can see everyone involved and have a sense that they know each individuals personality.

Fiona has shown an interest in writing more blogs about parenting but we also want to start writing some together. I think that’s what’s missing. Blogging couples often go off on their own way.

The blogging world is still very much dominated by Mum bloggers and a lot of the content is very much the same. Trying to find your niche can be problematic but we’re going to strip it back. Not look for a very specific niche, instead just write about family life. We’re not on a mission to throw products down your neck or tell you how good we are a parenting.

When I look at a lot of bloggers they get little support off their other half. Unless you are involved in the world of blogging/ vlogging it’s difficult to understand what it means. That’s why I believe we are in a strong position to enjoy what we’re doing and not aim to be the most popular but aim to be the most real. I would rather fifty people read my blog and get something from it rather than a thousand people look at my post and forget all about it the second after reading it.

My challenge to you, is to comment with a family blog you know about that involves both parents under the same blog title, I bet there won’t be many…


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