Life’s a beach..

Life’s a beach..

Three years ago we bought our first house in Morecambe. Morecambe is a lovely sea side town in the northwest on England. Fiona and I, have both lived close to Morecambe all our lives and once we had Travis we found ourselves drawn here on most our days off. We often forget how lucky we are to love so close to the coast!

There’s certainly something about the coast that draws family’s from miles around. It certainly has a calming influence on myself and the kids love it. My close family and friends always use Morecambe as a meeting place. It has lots to do for the kids and who doesn’t like hanging around on the beach??

Like many sea side towns Morecambe has gone down hill since its glory days, but the thing that hasnt changed are the spectacular views and to be fair to the local council they have started to put lots of money into regeneration. New parks, updating old parks and regenerating the local shopping areas. Unfortunately there will still be the people that try and ruin that for everyone and Morecambe has it’s fair share of idiots!

When life gets tough like it has been lately, a walk along the beach by yourself or with the family is better than any medicine. I’m currently sat here on the prom writing this post!! Your mind becomes clear, your body aches a little less and you leave feeling recharged and fresh.

Life can be a little bitch sometimes, but I think it’s important to step out of your four walls at home and look out into the vast sea. There’s always someone going through something worse out there. As my last post confirmed (Baby’s and Break Ups) you are not alone and there’s always someone that can support you.

Lastly, the most important thing about living by the sea, is you can get your hands a 99 ice cream whenever you want (that now costs £2 ffs)


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