Love it or hate it, the Elves are back behaving badly!!

Love it or hate it, the Elves are back behaving badly!!

Love them or hate them they are back!!! Your Facebook feed will be a mess of naughty elves for the next three weeks and there’s literally nothing you can do about that!! (Apart from block 90% of your friends)

We didn’t do it last year and to be honest the amount of pictures I saw I was glad I didn’t!! BUT to be fair some of the scenes family and friends created were amazing and actually did make me smile!! At the end of the day, it’s something for the little ones in your life. We just post them to make us look like good parents and show how funny/ not so funny we can be!!

I personally don’t need much inspiration for making toys do stupid things that’s what I do 365 days a year..usually fairly x-rated poses. I will have to reign myself in and be family friendly but I’m sure I’ll sneak in a few ‘adult’ scenes during the course of the next few weeks. A quick google image search or Pinterest search will give you plenty of ideas!!

The boys are now excited to see what these naughty elves are going to get up to. Hope you can follow their adventures over on our Instagram Page and feel free to link us to your naughty elves!!

Check out Elves behaving badly for some awesome ideas and how to get your very own naughty elf!!

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