Mothers Day|| Highlights||

Mothers Day|| Highlights||

Mother’s Day came and went in a blink. Hope all you wonderful Mums had a relaxing time and got some time to chill. I always joke with Fiona, that it’s Mother’s Day everyday in our house, I’m obviously joking but I try to do special things for Fiona randomly throughout the year!

This year has had its challenges and we certainly haven’t prioritised our relationship. I’ve not been my usual self, so I allowed the boys to decide what we should get Mum this Mother’s Day and they did not fail me!

The boys wanted to create a box of goodies for Mummy to help her relax after a rubbish few months. Travis said “Mummy needs rest, so we should get her lots of stuff like that!” So we jumped in the car and did just that.

We were lucky enough to already have our first item sat at home, which was gifted to us by SEAMS. I had managed to keep this lovely hand cream hidden from Fiona for that last few weeks. (Fiona’s verdict too follow later in the blog)

The boys had a list for Mummy and firstly had to buy a box. We managed to find a lovely box in ‘home bargains’ It was big enough to fit in at least 6 items. The boys chose some bubble bath, body cream, face mask, glittery confetti, a candle and a ceramic star with a lovely Mother’s Day message on. They were also determined to get Mummy a teddy (Fiona has literally hundreds) so they found a lovely mummy bear holding a tiny baby bear. The boys can be cute sometimes ha

It was hard to keep the contents of the box a secret from Fiona on the build up, but they promised me they would keep it a secret, which they did!!

The last thing I needed to order was a card. In the build up to Mother’s Day, Fiona tagged me on Facebook with a card from Thortful. She probably tagged me knowing I would forget, but I saved it as favourites and got it ordered, check it out…

Mother’s Day morning came, the boys ran up to Mummy in the morning and gave her the big box and teddy. As you can imagine Fiona was super happy and loved everything.

After giving the teddy a hug for a solid thirty minutes, it was relaxation time. Fiona used all the products in the box within an hour and here’s her highlights…

” I loved everything the boys got me, it was so nice to have some time to myself and have a super long bath and treat my body to some lovely relaxing products. The product that stood out for me, was the SEAMS hand cream. My hands are always so dry and can be very sore in the winter. The cream was non greasy, instantly moisturised and hydrated my skin. My hands felt new again. I’ve always struggled to find a nice cream that ticks all the boxes but this one certainly did. I was under the impression that this was going to be very expensive cream and went onto their website. I was pleasantly surprised that such a quality products had such a reasonable price tag £14 is a bargain for this product!! Pick yours up HERE

I don’t think you have to spend the earth in order to make your partner happy at Mother’s Day. The boys really enjoyed going from shop to shop buying the gifts and loved placing all the products in the box for Mummy. They were more involved this year than ever and I hope they will continue to be!!

Have a relaxing year Mums and see you on the other side!!

x x x

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