Parent and Child Parking- Join the Revolution

Parent and Child Parking- Join the Revolution

Taking your children out shopping is probably as stressful as moving house. This means I’m moving house probably once/ twice a day!! All I ask is for there to be an adequate amount of parent and child spaces close enough to the shops.

More often than not there are some spaces or a short wait before one becomes available but as we all know there will be certain individuals that think they can fucking park in these spaces. I can categorise a few of these individuals/ groups..

  • Middle aged wankers that have never had children or had children whom they have never bothered with! Twats!
  • Old wankers (that aren’t disabled) most of which I’m sure have had children back in the 1800’s and still feel like they have ‘the right’ to park where they want.
  • Chav wankers with their shit cars who can’t park for shit and end up not only taking up one but two child spaces.
  • Business men wankers (probably my most hated) who have their shit business cars that look immaculately clean. They stand out majorly as no parent can keep their car that clean. They often have a smug look on their face when they park up. The problem is they don’t know what I do to that immaculate car when they are busy buying their mistress some humus.

I’m basically wanting a parent and child space revolution. Instead of allowing this to happen we must verbally or physically challenge these folk. If they look bigger or scarier than you use covert force and do what you need to do. I suggest a few ideas…use a dirty nappy you may have laying around your nappy bag/ car and leave on front of perpetrators car, leave an abusive note, surround the car with trolleys or finally get your child to urinate on the drivers handle. Any of these ideas will be highly affective!

Have any of you got any good car park space stories for me?? Have you been abused for standing up for us parents??

Let me know


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