Hurn & Hurn- Large Elephant Felt Animal Head Wall Mounted ||REVIEW||

Hurn & Hurn- Large Elephant Felt Animal Head Wall Mounted ||REVIEW||

Elephants. Who doesn’t like elephants?? Well, when we had the opportunity to review this item we jumped at the chance.

This large elephant head is an impressive decorative piece from Hurn & Hurn. It’s handcrafted from felt and wool. It really is more stunning when you feel it, as the pictures don’t even do it justice.

Ace is now six months old and it’s time we sorted his new little room. We’ve been looking for unique bits and pieces to put into his animal themed room and what a beautiful addition this is.

This piece was the reason we wanted to go for animal theme and is going to be the focal point of the room. We are going for a light grey theme. Filled with wonderful pictures and animal related products.

I think this piece is going to stay with Ace for a long, long time and will be something we will all talk about right through our lives. We haven’t found the perfect place to put him yet but he already has a name ‘Eric’. My older two boys are extremely jealous of Eric so looks like we will have to buy two more!!

We will keep you updated with his rooms transformation!!

Hurn & Hurn have so many beautiful products to choose from so please go and take a look!



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