Last week we received the most awesome thing…EVER.

I opened a massive box to this amazing donut bean bag from Flamingo gifts. I thought I would surprise the boys with it when they got back from school.

Their reactions were exactly what I expected (see video at bottom of page). What kid doesn’t love donuts, what kid doesn’t want a massive donut beanbag to lounge on whilst watching TV and playing on their PlayStation. I actually wanted to keep it but within two minutes the boys had somehow managed to get the beastly donut up the stairs and into their room.

As you can imagine the donut has seen some abuse. It’s been thrown around the room more times than I can count. It’s been sat on by various humans of various weights and it still looks like new!!This has to be the coolest gift and the most durable thing we have every owned!!

This fabulous beanbag is like no other, super cool it’s a massive donut! This chocolate covered donut, covered of course in colourful hundreds & thousands looks good enough to eat, however don’t! Sit on it.

This ace beanbag is such a comfy seat for when you run of our seats at home, the filling is lightweight and so sturdy you can get comfortable and just relax. Not only does it double up as a seat in the home, but it also looks so cool when not in use, just sat in the home a massive donut and can be used outside.

The cover has been made with digital printing giving a superb finish and vivid colours, plus the cover is washable at 30 degrees, so no problem if they spill on this beanbag. This beanbag is also water repellent and fire resistant and is just amazing.This is a must buy for any kid or adult alike!!

Size: 65 x 30 cm Loved by kids & adults, this ace beanbag is also available in pink!Get yours now HERE


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