The Daily Struggle 

The Daily Struggle 

Everyday is a stressful one at the moment. We have moments of happiness as Travis and Roman makes us smile but I would be lying if I said most days weren’t a struggle.

Most days I’m at work, which enables me to escape the house of madness, but the worry continues. Work gives me a focus, but I do feel like I’m unable to give my job 100% at the moment. I’ve always said that family comes before work, but is that really reality?? We NEED the money. I have to work as much as I do, to literally pay the bills and aim for that one holiday every couple of years. 

The issues we are having with Aces’ health is also a massive factor at the moment adding to the struggle but to be honest, I’m sure if he wasn’t here there would be another thing that was causing us stress. So my question is, do we as parents always seem to be looking for something to keep us stressed?? Do we not know how to function without some sort of struggle?

I’m certainly in the camp that money can bring happiness. Our main arguments after Ace at the moment, is certainly about money. 

Our top five struggles at the moment are; 

  • Silent reflux
  • Money
  • Not having enough time in the day
  • Tierdness
  • Lack of help

We have some amazing friends on and offline but they can only help with some of the above. It keeps us going knowing that we’re not the only people in this position and we don’t expect any special treatment but a little message at the moment goes a long way.

Struggles will continue and evolve as the boys get older and we know that there are worse things going on in the world but as long as we get to bed with our marriage and our children still in one piece we have done well for the day!!

One day at a time..

Do you struggle on a daily?? 


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