The extent of poverty in my home town

The extent of poverty in my home town

We live in Morecambe and last month there was coverage on ITV about the real issue around poverty and they focused their report in our town.

Morecambe is no different to a lot of places currently in the UK, struggling to put food on the table and pay all their bills. It’s no secret that we live on the breadline. Many around where we live actually live below the breadline.

Some families are unable to clean their kids clothes or send them to school with enough money for a slice of toast at breakfast club. My boys school is absolutely fantastic and the headteacher there was featured on the report. She witnesses first hand the issues that kids in these troubled areas are going through. Unlike others she doing a lot to help and stretching her school budget as far as it will go, organising extra support for the families with the most needs.

Read about the report here

The food banks are at full stretch and its important that these issues are being addressed. I think we can all think about ways in which we can help those less fortunate than ourselves and as a family we have donated new and old clothes including uniforms, jackets and toys locally.

Many will be quick to judge people in areas such as Morecambe as been scruffs and spending their benefits etc on fags and booze. Of all the parents I know in that playground this really isn’t the case. Parents have been not eating in order to buy food for their kids!!

This is all happening right under our noses and the government and individuals in a privileged position need to do something to help.

Our local MP is a first class tit and has in fact claimed that the individuals struggling should just go down the job centre and look into if they are claiming their benefits correctly. If MPs aren’t willing to help they should not be in the job, we need to take actions ourselves. Help out a fellow neighbour and look out for vulnerable families.

Hope we can make poverty in all areas of the UK a thing of the past.


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