The Middle child…

The Middle child…

I’m the middle child in my family. I have an older brother and a younger sister. As long as I can remember, I’ve been told that the middle child is often the most challenging and naughtiest.

I was certainly the one that pushed boundaries within our family home, bringing my Mum to tears and my Dad to the point of a breakdown on numerous occasions. I remember thinking well my older brother is intelligent, my younger sister takes up more of my parents time, I have to do something to get their attention.Number two child is a strange place to be. Your not the first born so the feelings that your parents feel will never be the same. The feelings and emotions will still be amazing but in a different way. As a parent you kind of no what to expect. A slight arrogance comes back after a few weeks. Your less likely to lay and watch your baby’s every single breath when they sleep to make sure they are still breathing. You start to feel the curse of ‘middle child syndrome’

Being a middle child has its advantages. I often went ‘under the radar’ I was able to blame my younger sister for loads and my older brother was always told he should know better. I felt untouchable haha. I now no that my parents had me worked out early on. I certainly was NOT untouchable. They have told me since how difficult it can be having three children and spreading your time, emotion and love equally. Now having three children I completely understand. It’s sooooooo hard to spend time equally keeping your youngest alive, whilst doing homework with the eldest, and wiping middle child’s bum when he’s been shouting ‘FINIIIIIIISSHED!!!!!!’ For the last half an hour!

Would love to hear what you think, as I’ve started to look into this a bit more and having three boys myself so far it looks like the theory is true! Roman is by far the most challenging on a daily basis. I’m sympathetic to his position in the family, I’ve been there, but as my parents did I probably allow him a lot more scope for his behaviour but I know exactly what he’s upto 😉

Are you a middle child?? Does your middle sibling piss you right off??

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