Ungrateful kids at Christmas!!

Ungrateful kids at Christmas!!

I’m probably the most chilled person you may know, however there have been moments where I have lost my shit. The two things that annoy the living hell out of me include kids that don’t have any manners and secondly ungrateful kids!!!

More often than not manners are something you learn from your parents. I have shown my boys that having manners is more important to me than anything else. A ‘please’ and a ‘thank you’ cost nothing but can be the hardest words for most kids, let alone rude adults!!

At this time of year presents are flying around and the big day is upon us. Children are given so much these days. I’ll put my hand up and admit we spend far too much money on gifts and throughout the year the boys will get some products even when it’s not their birthday or Christmas. It’s a very fine line. How do you control it and how to you make your kids understand that they must be thankful for what they get.

I only ever got gifts exclusively on my birthday or Christmas. There were certainly no gifts in-between. I sometimes think, is this the reason why I splash out. What I do know is when I give the boys gifts or they receive them from friends and family I make a massive point of getting them to realise how lucky they are and make sure they use their manners and are ALWAYS grateful!

I believe you should buy your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews whatever the hell you like, whenever you like BUT make sure them kids are aware that other kids don’t have this luxury. I also 100% believe, that if you only give gifts on special occasions that’s a great way to make your kids appreciate what they have. I don’t have that self control!

I’ve witnessed for myself on many occasions children whom literally don’t care less and don’t appreciate a single thing they get, it sickens me to my very core as I know they will turn out to be little shits as they get older.

Either way NEVER feel guilty about your decisions just do what you think is best.


Luke x

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