Valentines as a Parent

Valentines as a Parent

Valentine’s Day for many is a perfect opportunity to spoil your other half and buy them last minute flowers they will probably hate. You are either well up for valentines or against the whole concept.

I’m personally in the HATE valentines camp. Let me explain why. I don’t believe we need a day where you think about your partner more than any other day. I believe random acts of kindness towards your partner are much more beneficial.

When Fiona and I started dating we certainly did celebrate Valentine’s Day. We would spend stupid amounts of money on each other. I get the concept and when your in the first few years of your relationship it’s kind of expected that you do the whole gift and meal thing.

Once the boys were born it all changed. Not only did we have no one to watch the kids we were also skint on our arses. Everything becomes harder. We had bought each other everything we needed and we would rather spend the money going out as a family.

Some couples don’t have a clue how lucky they are. I see the whole ‘date night’ thing and I’m like, how the fuck do you have the opportunity to go out so often. I think we’ve been out as a couple twice in seven years during the evening.

Let’s be honest though, even if we had the opportunity to go out on Valentine’s Day, I probably wouldn’t. The idea of sitting in a restaurant whilst couples pretend to like each other and talk about when they first met fills me with dread.

I would suggest finding a time to watch a film, buy your partner what they actually like (not what the shops think they will like) and maybe helping out around the house and giving your partner a sleep in will give you bonus points.

Whatever you decide to do on the 14th please remember to not post it on Facebook as I will think less of you! 😉

Many thanks


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