Why I Couldn’t Be A Stay-At-Home Parent

Why I Couldn’t Be A Stay-At-Home Parent

Written by Luke

Hats off to any of you Mum and Dads that are stay at home parents!

In our house, my wife and I both had many discussions before having kids, that one of us would stay at home and look after the kids until they were old enough for school. 

We both had jobs that were very average pay and it would make zero financial sense to put them into nursery, neither of us are career minded and both believed that having kids means we should be at home with them as much as possible!

It was a mutual decision and made most sense for myself to work and my wife to stay at home. I would regularly come home and wish I had the easy life at home, we would have many disagreements and my wife would say “it’s not as easy as you think!!” 

Off I would go to work annoyed, upset, generally just acting like a prick.

It was probably when our second child was born that reality hit… I could NEVER be a SAHD!!!

I needed work as an escape more and more as time went on. Don’t get me wrong I did my half of night duties and have certainly done my fair share of everything else but it’s emotionally too much for me. The constant, full on day to day running of the house the tedious routines of breakfast, lunch, tea, bed time routine, school run etc etc etc. It’s not one job it’s ten jobs.

NO holidays, NO official break. 

I would class myself as being a very patient person, my colleagues and friends would say so also. What they can’t see is the emotional mess I am on the inside after a week at home with my boys. Deep breaths and stressing out at the smallest of things. 

You have to try constantly to be a good role model, with 100% charge and have eyes and ears everywhere. I wish I was rich enough not to work but I honestly couldn’t say I wouldn’t find another way to get out of the day to day life of parenting. 

It’s the hardest job on earth, It’s the best job on earth and I’m so thankful that my wife keeps it all together (even if somedays it just for the kid’s benefit) 

Take a bow you home Mums and Dads you are the real super heroes!!

Would love to know what you think, for me it took having a second child to realise the stresses involved! It took 3 years for me to recognise the fact that I was being an idiot!!

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  • So nice to hear from a dad’s point of view. Myself and my partner are the same, he works and i’m the stay at home parent. I envied him so much for his breaks and adult conversations. But as time went on and the kids got older the routine kinda clicks and we all get our free time. ( helps that they’re all at school too 😉 )

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