Work/ Life- No balance 

Work/ Life- No balance 

I work sixty plus hours a week, have two boys under seven, a poorly baby, a wife, two dogs, three cats and two rats to constantly think about and look after!!!

Life can be absolutely shit. If I didn’t need to work I certainly wouldn’t. Family to me is everything. Work is 100% a necessary evil and if you don’t agree your crazy. Gone are the days when I could lounge around in my boxershorts until midday, grab some lunch then go back to bed.

I get it, work is a break for me at times from the mundanity of home life but it doesn’t put a big smile on my face as I drive off from a crying baby, stressed wife, annoying pets and two energy filled boys. Anxiety rushes through my body and even though my wife has it covered, it doesn’t help the way I feel. No wonder I’m bald.

If I had enough money to not work, I could concentrate on the things that matter and what I enjoy doing…

  • Spending time with the family 
  • Creating engaging content on our YouTube channel
  • Writing better blogs than this one
  • Shaving my head without rushing
  • Going to the gym and getting fit

Achieving a balance is almost impossible at this stage. I think we were close to having it before Ace was born but that’s gone to shit. Baby’s drian energy, cause crazy arguments and pull the family apart like a Stretch Armstrong.

All I want to do is what I love and that’s Blog/vlog. I see certain bloggers and vloggers doing terribly well and think fuck how do they do it, well here’s what I think..

  • 90% of the UKs ‘top bloggers/vloggers’ have been born into money/ partners have amazing jobs and therefore don’t need to work. They have that thing most don’t have…TIME!!!!
  • 5% befriend the above 90% and brown nose their way to popularity, even if they have shit content.
  • 5% are my inspiration and actually work their arses off to get where they have today. ( I like to think I’m in this percentage)

I will strive to be able to ‘work’ doing the things I love but until then I will buckle in and try to enjoy the ride. I will take opportunities as they arise and try to look forward. Always trying to not allow my boys to realise that they are currently been brought up walking the bread line with a Dad that rides an emotional rollercoaster several times a day!

I bow down to any of you out there,who have any sort of work/ life balance.

Feel free to message over some tips and or money 😉
Luke x

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  • Oh jesus I’m sure life is stressful at the moment especially with little Ace being unwell. I’m struggling with the work-life balance thing. I am stressed at home because the girls wind me up so much, stressed at work because I have too much work… and so the result is I’m also losing my hair! 🙁 It just sucks doesn’t it?! I wish I had tips for you…. doctor said I needed to talk through my problems. Yay!

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