You Don’t Deserve To Be A Dad

You Don’t Deserve To Be A Dad

Written by LukeYou don’t deserve to be a Dad…

Since having Travis over six years ago, I’ve heard some fairly interesting things from lots of Dads about what they do and don’t do when it come to their parenting life.

I personally believe that anything your partner does, you should do as close to 50/50 as possible. When I say 50/50 I completely understand one of you won’t be there as much as the other due to work etc but I’m talking about the times your both are at home together.

Some of the things I’ve heard and my opinion;

‘I don’t change nappies’ If you think you don’t need to change a nappy/offer to change a nappy, you don’t deserve to be a Dad. That’s a simple one.

‘I’m not doing the housework because I work’ That’s bollocks. Pick up that damn hoover and do the frigging washing up!

‘I should be ‘allowed’ lad time’ Oh seriously grow the hell up. I’m all for people having hobbies and doing something you enjoy but never at the expense of something you could potentially do as a family.

‘I shouldn’t have to do bottle feeds during the night because I have work the next day’ / Not offering your partner assistance of some sort if breast feeding Oh no you have work the next day and might not be on top form for that meeting. Who cares you pussy. You have a baby/child that needs your help, every other individual can go suck a plum. These might be the most tiring times of your life, but surely you should have thought about that before slipping ‘it’ in.

The list goes on and on. I have zero time for Dad tools. The reason there are so many single mums out there working their arses off for their kids is because some of the male species are damn idiots. I was brought up to respect others and support those in need. Basic shit really. If you can’t do everything a Mum can do, you don’t deserve such a precious gift as a child.

I’m no Samaritan and I’ve complained so many times about some of the above BUT a few seconds later followed up by changing the nappy, doing the laundry, washing the dishes, going out at 1am to get milk etc etc etc.

Take time to look out for your partner or even send a message to your child’s mother (even if your not with them anymore) and show some damn respect with a kind heartfelt message. We can all do more and women are pretty damn awesome. They carry YOUR child for nine months and go through more pain than you will in a lifetime making YOUR child come into this scary ass world.

Most WOMEN rule, many MEN are shit.

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  • Oh my god I love this post! I agree with you… bollocks to the old fashioned mam/dad stereotypes. My Nain is old school (she’s 84) and thinks I’m lucky to have a husband who “helps out”. Argh! He doesn’t help out – he’s their Dad and has the same responsibilities as me when it comes to them.

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