Blog On Conferences 2017 – A Daddy Blogger Perspective.

Blog On Conferences 2017 – A Daddy Blogger Perspective.

I’m on a countdown until my second ever blogging event. I’ve been to lots of vlogging events but my first taste of a blogging conference was back in May at the Blog On Conference MSI and I was one of the speakers talking about YouTube.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, what I did know was it would be a heavily female dominated event, which is all good but what concerned me was the prospect of cliquey huge groups of mummy bloggers it made me feel sick haha. 

The evening before the event there is always a party, which is a brilliant idea. You were able to chat with people and break the ice before the next days event. There was games to play and lots of alcohol!!!
I got drunk and ended up been the last man standing along with a very beautiful group of mummy bloggers.

The event morning was soon upon me, I was surprisingly not to hungover. I knew the event would be well organised as Laura has done all this before and has a great team of helpers. Everyone there was super cool and chatty, yes there were lots of Mummy bloggers but they all knew their shit when it came to blogging. 
I attended some of the sessions and I learnt tons. It was a constant day of eating, networking and hanging out with new friends which was awesome. The day went so so quickly.

The goody bags at the end are legendary and absolutely unbelievable. The suitcase was 100% needed and I couldn’t feel my arms on the way back to the car…

Mays Blog On MSI 2017 video

This year the numbers of Daddy bloggers has increased dramatically which is cool to see and will put me even more at ease. I know most of the guys and I can vouch for them. Not one of them is scary but some will suffer from body odour.

It will be good to see an increase in attendance of Daddy bloggers as the years go on. I think the parenting blogging world will benefit from it in all areas. So Dad’s if your attending the best conference Blog On Xmas or any other conferences this year and ahead don’t be scared just be prepared to be ploughed down when the lovely ladies get the goody bags at the end of the day.


The venue has changed which I think is a great decision and looks awesome from what I’ve seen. Hotel football won’t know what’s about to hit it. Lots of xmas clothing, food and festivities to be had.

Check out the website for all of last years images.

Can’t wait for the 24th. Look out for the bald guy and come say hi!!


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