How many kids should you have??

How many kids should you have??

As many of you will know we now have three boys. People often say to us “you must be mad” however isn’t two or three kids average???

I personally believe that there isn’t a number on how many kids are best but the factors around them numbers will always make it right for each family.

For me it’s broken into two things..Money and time. Wether it’s more money you need to help out the family, or if you have lots of money people need more time. These two factors must play a massive part in how many kids you feel comfortable having.

In a relationship I can guarantee that both parents will never agree on how many kids they would like ideally. A happy compromise is required. I remember saying to Fiona after number 2, never again. I was soon persuaded to try for number three haha

I love kids and three for me was maximum. I was brought up in a three and so was Fiona, so guess that maybe where the number three came from. I did want a girl in there but I’ve come to realise I like boys more haha. I have two nieces so that’s my girl  fix.

I don’t really have much of an opinion on family size and what’s good/ not good. Each to their own really. We all have limited time and most have limited money to be able to bring their kids up.

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  • After the weekend I’ve had my answer is NONE!! Nah my limit is two.. I once thought I didn’t want any at all, but then I met my husband who if he could have his own way, would have a bloody football team. But like you say, it’s all a personal choice and each to it’s own.

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